​​​​IMPROV STUDENT Testimonials

" If you ever get the opportunity to do Improv with Lucy, consider yourself lucky. I brought her in to do what I ended up calling an Improv playdate with a women's group that I lead and the experience was absolutely phenomenal. We were all a little bit tentative about it at first, not knowing what Improv really was, but once she explained it to us and we got into it, she unleashed pure awesomeness. We had a blast. The biggest benefits were that we got to connect with each other in an entirely new way and were TOTALLY present in the moment, a gift we don't often give ourselves. It felt like being a kid again and not having a single care in the world. Everyone deserves this experience."

   -Shelley Hillesheim, Self-Care Coach and Founder, A Nourished Life: www.anourishedlife.net

"Thank you for putting together such a fun Improv Workshop for our staff this week. Many have commented they were nervous about this part of our retreat, and that it was also one of their favorite parts of our time together! Thank you for the gift of Laughter and Fun. An hour definitely well spent!"

   -Kelly H., COO, Challenge Fdn.: thechallengefoundation.org 

   ​"Lucy's improv is about letting inhibitions go in a non-intimidating, supportive atmosphere of fun and    laughter.  We learn to sharpen our left brain memory & thinking skills with right brain creativity &    intuition.  Lucy's improv is not about performance; it's about acceptance."
   -Judy S., Adult Class

  "Keep your mind nimble while laughing and sharing time with old and new friends.  Pure joy!"  

   -Connie H., Senior Improv Class

​ "When I was signed up for Improv, I looked forward to each class and enjoyed every minute! "  

   -Jessica F., Kids Class

  "Lucy's Improv for Seniors brought out some good laughs and gave us lots of opportunity to express    ourselves in ways we would never have imagined.  I look forward to more classes with her."          
   -Claire F., Senior Improv Class

  "Lucy's class was so fun, a laugh a minute, and as a senior I found it was fun stepping out of the box to  enjoy something different."  
   -Marion R., Senior Improv Class

​  "Awesome! The best games you've ever played without props!!"
-Maya H., Kids Class


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6.  National Institutes of Health research shows that improv class helps doctors

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