Kid Improv:  Engaging kids in the world of improv has so many benefits:

  • It builds CONFIDENCE, making kids feel positive about themselves;
  • It teaches kids to THINK quickly on their feet;
  • It improves LISTENING skills, so they do better in the classroom;
  • It allows kids to CONNECT through play!

Adult Improv:  For adults, improv inspires positive change:

  • It creates happier, more productive TEAM-PLAYERS;
  • It promotes CREATIVITY, the key to business success;
  • It inspires INNOVATION as groups invent new ideas together;
  • It enhances COMMUNICATION.

Senior Improv:  Improv helps seniors lead healthier lives:

  • It sharpens short & long-term MEMORY (scientifically proven)
  • It fosters a sharing, supportive COMMUNITY;
  • It relieves STRESS, as seniors focus on the here & now;
  • Studies show that LAUGHTER is the best medicine!

“The biggest threat to creativity is the fear of failure.” 

-Kelly Leonard, Second City

Throw your fears out the window: There are no mistakes in improv.



  • Improv Audio Explainer1:47